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Performing keyword research.

Keywords are the foundation of a successful AdWords campaign. You need to match what your business offers to what your customers are searching for.

Not all keywords are created equal. Some keywords will have high search volume, whereas others will have low search volume. Some will have high conversion rates, and others will provide low-quality traffic.

Choosing the correct keywords is the first step to advertising with Google AdWords.

Extracting valuable data from Google.

Understanding where keywords fall into the buying funnel is critical. Choosing your keywords wisely and then measuring results will ensure the best chance of success for your campaigns.

By starting with wide keywords and then moving to deep keywords, we can ensure that we are directing your keyword research time into the proper areas.

After examining your site, competitors' sites, search results, and internal site search, a variety of tools are available online that will help us to discover new keywords for your campaigns.

Writing compelling ads.

Ads are the only part of your AdWords account a consumer will ever see. When a searcher sees your ad, the ad needs to stand up, wave its arms, jump up and down, and shout, "I have the answer to your question!"

However, there are many subtleties to writing ad copy. The messaging, value proposition, editorial requirements, and information need to be tightly wrapped into just a few characters.

Accomplishing this type of writing can be quite tricky.

Creating landing pages that convert.

Where should you send a searcher after they click your ad? The homepage is rarely the best place. You have several options, and choosing the correct one will ensure that the visitor does not just view your website but becomes engaged with it as well.

First impressions last a lifetime, and that fact is just as true for websites as it is for people. If your website is trustworthy, friendly, and easy to use, it makes a good first impression, which increases the odds of your turning clicks into buyers.

Using advanced optimisation techniques.

Once we have done the difficult part of choosing keywords and writing ad copy and put them online, you will start to see some results from your campaigns. Based on these results, we can optimise your account in a few ways.

The first optimisation technique increases traffic to your website. We'll explore how to gain more impressions and more clicks for your account. Then, once you have visitors, we'll learn how to gain more page views from them.

The second optimisation technique increases conversion rates. We'll learn how to increase these rates and explore additional conversion types that help move your visitors through the buying funnel.

Improving quality score.

Quality Score is one of the most important numbers in your Google AdWords account, because it has far-reaching effects on your AdWords success. This number can decide the fate of your account.

Low Quality Scores can doom your account to failure. High Quality Scores can place your ad above your competitors' while you pay less per click than they do.

It is also the hardest number to quantify and try to improve across your entire account.

We will examine the factors that influence your Quality Scores in your account and will learn how to improve your Quality Scores to gain a strategic advantage over your competitors.

Employing image, video and mobile ads.

Mobile usage has been rising and is a challenge for marketers who seek to reach and engage this audience. Google AdWords also supports several types of ads that reach desktop users in new ways. Rich media (such as video, interactive, or image) ads can increase clicks to your site and brand recall.

Building rich media ads can be costly and time consuming. However we'll work on building rich media ads within the AdWords interface, saving time and money.

Utilising the display network.

The Display Network will show your ads on non-search pages, such as news articles. Because search page views are a small percentage of the Web, using the Display Network can increase your advertising reach tremendously.

However, the Display Network uses different rules to display your ads - users are in a different mind-set when reading articles compared to when they are searching.

Therefore, understanding how the Display Network works and how to reach your prospects is essential to creating successful display campaigns.

Utilising advanced display network techniques.

We'll combine the dizzying array of options in the Display Network with flexible bidding. We will also target very small audiences and exceptionally large ones. With so many options available, the Display Network can become unwieldy but we will define a strategy for managing and organizing your Display Network campaigns.

Remarketing allows you to bring lost customers back to your site. We will make use of this with several effective remarketing techniques.

Utilising advanced geographic targeting techniques.

Location targeting allows you to show your ads to consumers in specific geographic regions, whether it is multiple countries or five kilometres around your business location.

We will write ads for different geographies and on using methods to engage users based on their knowledge of your target area and what they consider credible.

We will analyse your geographic report and find opportunities to optimise your account based on your performance in specific geographies.

Devising profitable bid strategies.

Is your AdWords account making money or costing money? The only way to know is to first understand the goals that your marketing initiatives must accomplish for your company to be profitable.

Once we have determined your goals, we then need to find a way to measure them. Only after these two steps have been completed can you begin to decide how much you should bid.

Various bidding techniques are available that we can use to set bids, control costs, and reach searchers by time of day and day of the week. We'll extract the proper data from AdWords so we can take the necessary actions to develop a successful AdWords account.

Organising campaigns successfully.

Successful account organization consists of three levels of decisions. The first decision is determining how many campaigns you need.

The second requires us to look within an account at the number of campaigns you need based on your targeting and budgets and determine how to properly organize the campaign settings. Finally, we need to decide how to organize your campaign's ad groups so you have tightly themed ad copy and keywords.

Account organization is not difficult if you understand your marketing goals and the AdWords settings. Proper account organization is essential if you want to gain the most benefit from your AdWords marketing budget.

Implementing testing techniques that will increase profits.

Testing is an essential component when optimising any AdWords account. We will test both ads and landing pages to see what combinations improve the effectiveness of your account.

We will also test ads and landing pages in conjunction with each other. Profit per impression is a metric that will let us find the most profitable combination of ads and landing pages that you should use in your AdWords account.

Extracting actionable reports.

Your AdWords account will accumulate a variety of statistics that are available through the AdWords reporting interface.

Creating a report consists of three steps: understanding what you need to know, extracting the data from AdWords, and analyzing the report.

We will create reports and then take an in-depth look into each of the reports and learn how to use them to improve your account's performance.

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